Welcome to the 100 Faces exhibition.  

A wide ranging group of people can provide a better understanding of an issue than any individual.  

The 100 Faces exhibition shows a cross-section of Americans who went to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001-2014.  Each person was asked to say something about themselves and their experience of war.

click here  "Portrait Gallery" to see their portraits and read their words.

Ten posthumous portraits are included in the 100 Faces project.  For these portraits the families chose the words which accompany the paintings.

Five of the people pictured are civilians who travelled to the war zones in non military capacities.

The bios and the words that accompany the portraits reflect the person at the time their portrait was completed.  Many people went on to further deployments or journeys into the war zones.  Some of the people pictured may say something different if asked now.